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Enter now where famous acts recorded and produced their most famous albums: from In Flames, DImmu Borgir, Dream Evil, At The Gates to Arch Enemy, Opeth, Bring Me The Horizon, Hammerfall and many more.

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Bring instrument in good shape, extra drumhead, sticks, strings, etc. Prepare for mix: Name all equal tracks the same name for all songs please use CAPITALS! Example: BD is BD in all songs, not BD in one song and KICK in another...
Protools HD3 PCIe and latest software , Icon D-command 24 fader, 2 x Digidesign 192 I/O interface, 2 x Digidesign Micpre, Mac G5 2.5ghz quad, 30" Cinema display, Amek Angela 28/24 console...

Founder Fredrik Nordström started the studio 1990 and have through the years developed his own legendary "Gothenburg sound". He is also a founder and guitar player in the metal act ...